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 This is just a selection of some of the sources of records used during Irish Genealogy Research

It is regrettable that so many 19th Irish records have been lost. During the Irish civil war, anti – Treaty forces were based in the Public Records Office with the strong-room used as an ammunition store. When the pro-Treaty side in the civil war fired a shell exploding the munitions; nearly all administrative Irish records from the 14th century were destroyed. Compared to other countries such as our neighbours in England, Scotland and Wales the Irish Genealogy Sources available to us are very much more limited.

In addition to the census records we also lost; two-thirds of pre-1870 Church of Ireland parish registers and all surviving probated wills in Ireland. But, as one optimistic researcher pointed out – ‘at least we have fewer records to search’. What follows is a brief guide as to the primary sources used in the research reports provided by Irish Family Ancestry, pointing out for each the benefits and restrictions of each. It is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list but rather an indication of the breadth and scope of these reports.

The research objectives of each research project will be and different and will determine the menu of Irish Genealogy Sources to use. In addition more specific and local sources may be used to supplement the collection of information to successfully complete each assignment.

Birth, Marriage and Deaths
Census Records
Property & Valuation Records
Travel & Immigration


Irish Genealogy Sources